Throwback Thursday: Bring on the computer!

It was the summer of 1988 and I had just submitted an article for the AIGA Philadelphia News, titled “I just don’t want be left behind.” The focus of the article was about my angst  on adopting this new computer-based design production. I was very comfortable with my XActo knives and drawing board, thank you. What do you mean $7500.00 for a new Mac II? Well here I am more than 30 years later writing on a distant cousin of that Mac. The anxiety about getting that first computer has long gone, but alas that nagging feeling about falling behind the never-ending curve of technology still persists. 

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Throwback Thursday #14

This poster was designed in 1988 by Lanny Sommese (Director of the Penn State Graphic Design Program) for a visit and student lecture by art270’s Carl Mill.

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Throwback Thursday #13

Poster illustration created for the Penn State Art Directors Club in 1985 (P.S.A.D.FIVE). The illustration depicts Lanny Sommese, Penn State Graphic Design department head. Illustration by Carl Mill.

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Throwback Thursday #12

Logo for Alpine Lodging, Telluride Colorado. Circa 1997-98. Created by our very own John Opet.

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Throwback Thursday #11

Pre-pandemic, we were exploring the depths our old project files here in the office and and rediscovered a few old treasures including napkin sketches, photo collages, hand-cut paper sculptures, custom contracted illustrations and production flats for lots of very memorable projects. Today’s find was a very special project.

Throwback Thursday Find #11: Bucks County, An Illustrated History by Terry A. McNealy. This book designed in 2001 by art270 was commissioned by the Bucks County Historical Society to present and preserve the history of the County. Many hours were spent in the archives of the Spruance Library and Mercer Museum in Doylestown photographing the paintings, renderings, and objects found throughout the book. Photography was by the late Jerome Lukowicz. The project was managed by Tower Hill Press and edited by Alice Lawler. The book is still available for purchase on Amazon and at other book resellers.

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