Susan Ströhm

Sue started as an intern at art270 in 1992, which puts her in the “twenty years and counting club” at art270. She graduated from Penn State University with a BA in graphic design in 1993 and was invited to stay at art270 after her internship. Sue developed her keen sense for color at an early age by creating her own color swatch books from the paint department displays when dragged to the hardware store with her dad. She brings a unique graphic design style to her projects that keeps her clients coming back year after year. Currently, Curtis Institute of Music, AmerisourceBergen, Philadelphia Futures, and Alliance Holidings, Inc., are keeping Sue busy. Living in Jenkintown and preferring to be on foot, Sue walks her two children to school and then continues her walk to art270 everyday. Her hobbies include reading to her children, making mud pies, doing laundry, food shopping, recycling and volunteering to support her children’s school, sports and community activities.

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